Yavapai Territorial Gospel Rescue Mission



Yavapai Territorial Gospel Rescue Mission (YTGRM) is changing lives in Yavapai County through the redemptive power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Mission offers transitional housing to women and children in their effort to regain balance and move forward in life.

It’s more than just a meal and a bed. Mission guests are mentored, presented the Gospel and above all, loved unconditionally; offering them help, hope, and healing in a difficult world.


The Yavapai Territorial Gospel Rescue Mission shall share, teach and promote the Christian faith and shall provide a variety of programs and services that offer assistance to homeless and/or poor individuals and families.



“At 44 years old, I found myself with an empty nest, my four children were grown with the exception of my 16 year old who was in that stage of young adulthood and independence, my parents were both deceased, my dear Aunt Ruth which I was very close to had died and I was lost, broken and empty.

I quit my job I had had all the years my children were young and moved to Michigan on a whim.

It didn’t work out well.

I found myself drinking alcohol on a daily basis, trying to fill the empty space in my soul.

I came back to AZ and ended up in Prescott Valley.

During the time I live in Prescott Valley I had started going back to church, trying to rebuild my relationship with God.

I signed up for a Day of Service and on that project I met a pastor and shared my difficult housing situation and he told me about the Mission, the rest is history.

I was welcomed by Yvonne and Dave and their caring staff, without judgement, without criticism.

I was welcomed here with the love of Christ, compassion and understanding.

This was an extremely difficult time for me and I was quite a mess; as we say here at the Mission I was a “glorious mess”.

Within a few months of being here, I was told about Genesis Process. I agreed to do it.

Genesis took 10 months to complete and I was given “tools” that I still use almost daily.

With the support and love of the YTGRM staff I have rekindled my relationship with my Father in Heaven, I have learned His truths that I am Beautiful, I am Precious and I am Loved.

I am a new creation in Christ, the “old me” has been buried and I am new.

I would want others to know that this is a safe harbor where God is in charge and His disciples are equipped and ready to come alongside of you and share God’s truths, show His love, mercy and grace.”


“What brought me to the Mission?

Well, at 18 years old I was attending high school and I got pregnant, resulting in me being homeless.

I had nowhere to go. I was couch-hopping and still attending school.

I was alone and I never felt more alone. By some miracle, a spot at the mission opened up. I immediately took the opportunity.

It was there where they helped me with everything. I didn’t have insurance; they helped me obtain some through DES.

They helped me find an OBGYN as well. I had little clothes and they were able to find me some. They even helped me go to prom.

I grew up and learned things that now three years later are still with me. I wouldn’t be where I am today had I not gone.

I look at life and my faith from a different angle. They helped me till I no longer needed it. This program is God-sent.

It made me a better person, mother, daughter, and friend.

Never in my life have I ever experienced such love, commitment and passion to help people out of the goodness of their heart.”


“What brought me to the Mission was the absolute brokenness that my life had become, and God knew this was the only place that I could be repaired and to learn about His glory.

Two years ago I cam in here with nothing, but pain, hurt and nothingness.

I leave here a disciple and full of hope and the glory of God.

With God working through Yvonne and Dave, and all the wonderful people that have come through these doors, I had no idea my life could be this blessed.

Life has been a roller coaster ride, good and sometimes very hard, losing my son, walking through my past as painful as it was, Yvonne and Dave were there through it all, they never gave up, even when I did at times, and the Lord has never given up on me.

Now I can use all the brokenness and pain to help others, God is in the lead.

My job is to follow and do His work, to bring as many people I can to Him.

The Mission has given me life with the God of the universe; there can be nothing better.”


It doesn’t take much to change a life.
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